adidas Boost – the next chapter

When adidas announced Boost as their latest technology, I honestly thought that they were on ...


Always a runner? Then dress like one!

My friend Nick Anderson used to explain that as a coach he is interested in the runner 24 hours a day, not just the hour or three that he or she is actually running each day. Let’s face it, it is relatively easy to ‘be a runner’ when you are actually running. But the other [...]

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

I think that it’s a rather outdated management saying – that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, or something like that. And I am going to clumsily apply it to an experience I had recently at Premier Podiatry I have known Ken Hoye for quite a few years now and a while ago he [...]

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I can’t, but you should…

As the co-founder of freestak: the endurance sports agency, I get to work on some absolutely fantastic events. In fact one of the principles that we stick to at freestak is that we only work on projects and products that we personally believe in. The downside of this is that I disqualify myself from entering [...]

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Lizzy Hawker announces the UTMR… and I’m definitely signing up!

Lizzy Hawker announces the UTMR… and I’m definitely signing up!

It had been raining in Chamonix on and off for the last couple of days. As befits an area of such magnificence and such extremes, the rain wasn’t a light drifting of moisture from above; it was in fact chucking it down. But despite the rain, I was in heaven. Actually I was on a [...]

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Simon Freeman (in) Esquire

I received a lovely email from the people at Esquire yesterday asking me to tell them about a few of my favourite running routes around London. I was delighted to oblige because Esquire always seems to me to have been the best of the magazines aimed at men – none of the nonsense and sleaze [...]

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Take it to the bridge (or bridges…)

Take it to the bridge (or bridges…)

James Brown might have instructed his band to “take it to the bridge” but it was James Poole who suggested that we “take it to the bridges” when he proposed a pre-UTMB CCC training run along the River Thames from Woolwich foot tunnel to Richmond Park – 60km in distance and probably 15,000 steps up [...]

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The Florence Marathon 2010 – a breakthrough moment

I was recently talking to someone involved in the organisation of the Paris marathon and she asked if I had run her race. I said I had and I explained that it was a bit of a breakthrough race for me. The first time I ran under 2:45. But actually if I think about the [...]

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After the run is done: images from the 2014 UTMB

I just returned from a week in Chamonix where I was going to run the UTMB CCC and spend some time in the mountains, enjoying the atmosphere of this unique event. Since starting freestak, I have rekindled my love for taking photographs and Chamonix on UTMB weekend is an ideal place to try a few [...]

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Chris Finch is: Training for the Bupa Great North Run 2014

I love getting suggestions for posts from other people and I especially love it when they then offer to write a piece. This means that (a) I don’t have to come up with a piece myself and (b) the readers of this blog get a break from my monotonous droning! Anyway, Chris Finch, from Fanbed, [...]

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