How to tackle the perma-stink with Halo Proactive Sports Wash

It’s true that most people training for a marathon will run several times a week. There are people I know who are training for a chance to run for their country who manage twelve runs per week and even I have nine or ten runs a week. One of the challenges we all face is keeping on top of the laundry, especially in winter when the pile can grow at an alarming rate.

The issue of laundry mountains is made worse in my case by my tendency towards frugality – put simply I quite like to get the maximum possible wear out of my kit (except for shoes which I do replace regularly). This miserliness however leads all too often to the dreaded perma-stink, where kit never really loses the pungent odor that builds up. By the middle of last year I was finding that almost every item of kit I owned has a musty smell even straight after washing. The worse bit of this was that the kit that I liked the most and therefore wore the most, suffered the most.

That is where Halo Sports Proactive Sports Wash came in. I think this stuff is great! I must admit that the first time I used it, I was a little disappointed because the kit that I washed, whilst definitely more palatable, still retained a background whiff. But I washed it all again and the second time was a revelation! Gone was the perma-stink and in its place there was a light, fresh fragrance, which is even better than the floral smelling regular liquid detergent I had been using. Even when holding the armpits of my favourite tops close to my nose, there was not a trace of lingering perma-stink. It seems that after the first double wash, the years of ingrained pong have gone and I now use the Halo Sports Proactive Sports Wash every time I wash kit. The kit always smells great and comes out completely clean, even the dirtiest vests, shorts and socks from cross-country races.

I always like to give a balanced review and that often means finding a downside or two. For Halo Sports Proactive Sports Wash the only things I can think of are; one, the relative difficulty of getting hold of it (but there is a link to stockists on their website) and two; it is relatively expensive – £5.50 for 1 liter vs around £4 for a normal liquid detergent.

However I don’t think that either or indeed both of the negatives that I have mentioned outweigh the benefits of Halo Sports Proactive Sports Wash and any extra cost will almost certainly be saved by extending the life of those items of kit that you thought would have to go in the bin (or if you’re really mean to the charity shop!) that will now last for several more seasons. If like so many of us runners, you are dealing with a weekly laundry-mountain, I’d say give it a go (for everyone’s benefit!)

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  1. thanks to Simon for the great review! we are pleased to say that Halo Sports is now available in Tesco stores nationwide for just £3.99 per bottle so thank you to all our customers who have made it possible for Tesco to stock it!

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