The Running and Endurance Sports Performance of the Year awards

From an inauspicious start, which was simply me spluttering my tea as I read the shortlist for the BBCs Sports Personality of the Year award and deciding to do something to redress that nonsense, the Running and Endurance Sports Performance of the Year awards or the RESPYs seem to have taken on a life all their own. Suddenly there is a veritable flood of interest in an awards that have been designed to do three things that the BBCs SPotY doesn’t do; be based on a democratic nominating and final voting┬áprocesses. Give equal weight to the performances of men and women (no Nuts or Zoo or other ‘lads mags’ skewing the nominating process here, thank you). And focus on running and endurance sport (after all, I ask you; how do you compare the performances of a boxer, a golf player and a 5000m and 10000m runner for one award?)

So far there has been an amazing list of nominees which so far looks like this;


Chrissie Wellington (@chrissiesmiles)

Jenny Simpson (@trackjenny)

Maggie Vessey (@maggiekicks)

Hannah England (@hannengland)

Helen Jenkins (@heljinx)

Lizzy Hawker (@lizzihawker)

Sally Musson

Jess Coulson

Keri-Anne Payne (@KeriannePayne)

Joasia Zakrzewski

Charlotte Purdue (@charliepurdue)

Gemma Steel

Hannah Walker


Scott Overall (@scottoverall)

Andy Baddeley (@runbadders)

Anton Krupicka

Alistair Brownlee (@Alibrownleetri)

Patrick Makau

Geoffrey Mutai

Eric Gillis of @speedriver


4 thoughts on “The Running and Endurance Sports Performance of the Year awards

  1. I nominate Mo Farah.
    I remember Mo from when he lived down the road from me as a child. He had moved over to the UK from Somalia and attended one of the local schools.
    I was a member of Hounslow AC when it still existed and Mo was brought along by his PE teacher who recognised his talent. We could all see then that Mo was in a class of his own. He was soon winning junior titles and under my old coach he did quite well. Athletes then move on and he seemed lost in the ether for a while but I have seen a change in him since he moved to the US to train. I’ve followed his career and definitely seen a change in him as an athlete this past year. He looks stronger, more mature and you can see the belief he has in himself. All that plus his training and talent adds up to a fantastic year and a World Champion.
    Mo is a nice guy, always has been and has had that same wide smile ever since I first encountered him when he was 13 or 14. It has been a pleasure to watch someone that I knew as a teenage athlete and team mate do so well. Go Mo! Shabba! My male endurance athlete of the year.

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