Up, up and away, away, AWAY!

As some of you will know, some time ago I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man who goes by the name of Charlie Dark (who can be found on twitter @daddydark). Poet, teacher and runner (amongst other things) Charlie is the founder and force behind the RunDemCrew (@rundemcrew), where I have been welcomed and made to feel part of the family, as well as having the privilege of helping a few of the runners there where I can.

This year the RunDemCrew, captained by Mr. Dark, took on the London marathon and in celebration of that, the design agency Rosie Lee, led by Mark Fleming (more commonly known as Chop and found on twitter as @chopbot) designed a book, incorporating photography from the amazing Tom Hull (who has a lovely website here and can be found on twitter as @tomhull) to celebrate the journey and the event.

The book incorporates six photo essays to illustrate the journey the ‘Crew took including regular RunDemCrew Tuesday night runs and track sessions (instigated by me and, to my surprise and delight embraced with fervent energy by many of the ‘Crew) as well as the big day of the marathon.

The book has a fantastic look and feel, really energetic and creative which is what makes it a perfect reflection of the people who appear in it. I don’t think I have seen such a creative treatment of a running group or a race before and this makes the book unique. Having checked with Chop, there are a few copies available so contact him via twitter (@chopbot) or at Rosie Lee on 020 7613 3752. I would love to hear the thoughts of anyone who gets hold of a copy.

Oh and if you’re wondering where “away, away, away” comes from… then you’ll just have to come along to the RunDemCrew for a run and find out!

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