Will he, won’t he? The Galen Rupp saga continues

Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

Since reporting a few weeks ago that Galen Rupp, the US 5,000m record holder and Mo Farah’s training partner under Alberto Salazar, had decided to enter the US Olympic marathon team selection race (here) at the Houston marathon, it has now been announced, by Ken Goe in the Oregonian, that Rupp has decided not to contest for a place in the marathon team for the London Games.

At the time that Rupp announced he would race there were rumours that it was all a bit of a ruse to get under the skin of certain other runners, especially those who might make it hard for Dathan Ritzenhein, a team mate of Rupp under Salazar, to qualify. After all, stress is very disruptive for anyone training for a marathon, not least someone training to beat the best runners the US has to offer and thereby qualify for the greatest athletics competition of them all. The inclusion of an unknown quantity over the marathon distance and an undoubtedly first-rate runner at lesser distances, could be just the thing to create a few sleepless nights.

Nevertheless, conspiracy or not, Galen Rupp is not going to debut at the marathon this weekend because as Goe reports, he is worried that running a marathon would damage his chances of honing his finishing speed in advance of the Games in July. So peace is restored. America’s marathon runners will only have to worry about other marathon runners. And by this time on Saturday we will know who will be coming to English shores in the summer to try their luck over 26.2 miles of our fair city’s streets. Good luck chaps. See (some of) you in August.

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