The A-Z of running brands

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Last night my wife and I had a little housewarming party. As was to be expected, the majority of guests were runners and at some point the conversation turned to the foibles that runners have. I joked that I store and wear all my running kit in alphabetical order by brand (I don’t, I assure you… although I now wonder whether it might be a good idea perhaps!) and this lead on to a lively conversation with Nick and Phoebe from runningwithus, Tom Craggs from Perfect Fit Training and his girlfriend Wendy and Dionne Allen, where we tried to list find a running brand for every letter of the alphabet. Given the late hour and presence of alcohol we did surprisingly (or should that be worryingly) well:



CColumbia (thanks to Dom for that one on Saturday afternoon)
D – Diadora (I think it was Tom who said that he has been passed by someone wearing Diadora shorts before!)
EEtonic (there were quite a few votes for this brand that may be building a presence in the UK)
FFila (back in the ’80s Fila was quite a significant running brand!)
HHelly Hansen
IIcebreaker (great call from Wendy there – we were stuck on this one for a while and a really nice website in my opinion)
J – Jack Wolfskin (Dionne suggested this, telling me that they have just launched a trail shoe)
K – K-Swiss (suggested by Tom Scott as a replacement for the pathetic Kappa that we came up with last night)
LLa Sportiva
PPearl Izumi
RRon Hill
VVaseline (no runner is properly dressed without a dab of vaseline!)
YYaktrax (rather topical given all the snow at the moment)
ZZoot (thanks to fellow Mornington Chaser Andrea Sanders-Reece for this one)

There are a few gaps and some very questionable brands there, so if you have suggestions for the missing letters or improvements on the suggestions, please let me know!

10 thoughts on “The A-Z of running brands

    • C = Clif Bar surely………….

      E = Ellesse…..not sure of the spelling? (very much a tennis brand but did venture into the running shoe world briefly). Another 80’s moment from me!!!

      A great house warming party Simon and I promise we that we did all chat about other things……really!

  1. Mark Fleming, Creative Director at Rosie Lee and a RunDemCrew stalwart just came up with Le Cog Sportif for ‘L’ which was the brand that Nick from runningwithus came up with last night. Thanks for reminding me, Mark!

  2. J for Jack Wolfskin…they have just developed a trail running shoe so a strong contender!! And come on I thought we had agreed that V was for Vans every runner needs a pair in their kit wardrobe;)

    Great food and even better company an awesome house warming!!!

    Lobster x

  3. Dee, great suggestion on Jack Wolfskin – quite a departure for them as a brand I’d say. But for want of another ‘J’, in it goes!

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