The A-Z of the runner’s health

After the great fun I had with the A-Z of running brands – which you can see here – I decided that a good use of a Sunday run with Dionne Allen and her flatmate Lorna, would be to create another list. So we tried to come up with the A-Z of Runners Health. As is to be expected when you have three runners together – especially when two of them are running close to eighty miles a week – it was pretty easy to get the list started. So as far as I can remember, here is what we came up with – please help to fill in the gaps and suggest some better entries for letters, so that we end up with the definitive list:
© Ricky Salsberry


A – Accupuncture
B – Bandages
D – D.O.M.S – thanks to Mitch Hawkins (@trainandscoff)
E – Embrocation
F– Foam roller – great suggestion from Mike Wilesmith (@mikeyw405)
G – Gait analysis
H – Heat packs
I – Immodium
J – Joints – suggested by Progait and Kate Lee so thanks to them
K – Key-hole surgery
L – Liquids (from Kate Lee who’s training for MdS so will need liquids aplenty!)
M – Massage
N – Nipple tape (blame Dionne for this one)
O – Osteopath
P – Pain killers
R – Rest
S – Sleep (Thanks to Jane Hansom from Sponge Marketing for this one)
T – Toenail clippers (via Jane Hansom from Sponge Marketing)
VVaseline (making its second appearance in an A-Z!)
W – Warm-up
Y – Yoga (thanks to Kate Lee for this one)
Z – Zinc… OK we were struggling for a ‘Z’

There are quite a few gaps in there and a few extremely dodgy suggestions, so please comment or tweet me @simon_freeman and let me know what should be in the list.

4 thoughts on “The A-Z of the runner’s health

  1. X = X-Rays in case you have that dreaded pain that needs it 🙁
    U = under garments
    Q = Quarter Mile repeats 🙂

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