Oh no, Paula

Always giving her all. Photo from Getty

I have spent more time than I care to reveal hoping and wishing that Paula Radcliffe would reach the start line of the marathon at the London Olympic Games, fully fit and ready to race. I am afraid that I think there are women now who are faster, stronger and more aggressive, so I didn’t really rate Paula’s chances of pulling off a golden finish to a really incredible and illustrious career, but I believed that she would be able to give it 100% and maybe, just maybe…

But today I read that she is carrying a foot injury – in fact a recurrance of a foot injury – and with six weeks until the race, there must be huge doubt that she will make it. I am a massive optimist and I love stories like that of Joan Benoit-Samuelson recovering from knee surgery to win the first women’s Olympic marathon in Los Angeles. But Paula seems so fragile. I guess we can only keep on hoping and Paula, if you ever happen to read this (not likely I know, but you never know…) I really wish you all the best and come what may, you are one of my absolute heroes.

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