A triumphant return

Last week I was the lucky recipient of a new pair of Saucony’s Triumph 10s. This is a shoe I have bought a few times before – it fits in the category of shoes that I call my ‘steady and easy running shoes’ which are the ones that tend to get the most mileage and should be expected to deal with anything from a 40 minute recovery run to 75 minutes at a steady pace and be able to cope with pavements, trail, muddy fields and (if I’m really lucky) a beach or dunes. So I was not really expecting a dramatic footwear experience, just an update on a shoe that feels very familiar. That is not what I got.

Outta the box

You're not going to miss these in the dark!

BOOM! The moment I opened the box the colour of the shoes hit me! The pair I have are part of the visi-pro range, designed to add some fluorescence to a runners kit. And boy! do that do that!

On my first run in them – 45 minutes recovery on Monday morning – I reached the park and headed through the gates. Suddenly it was very quiet. The two dog walkers in the park lead their companions in the opposite direction to save their canine eyes from the searing colour of the shoes. A fat squirrel out looking for a final few morsels before winter hibernation stood rooted to the spot as I approached, mouth agape, nuts disregarded. A ginger cat froze half way up a fence post, mesmerised by the flashing yellow…

But how do they feel?

The feel of the shoes was almost as much of a surprise as the colour. They do not feel like the old Triumphs that I have bought. The changes to the shoe all seem to point to a racier feel: the open mesh and underlays in the upper hold the foot firmly but without suffocating: the 8mm heel-to-toe differential and the 18mm forefoot makes the shoe feel traditionally built-up, but the decoupled sections of the sole means the shoe feels flexible: the shoe is 20g lighter than the last version: and the cushioning material definitely feels firmer to me.

Overall impression

My favourite everyday shoe recently has been the Mizuno Wave Rider. The Saucony Triumph 10 could be the shoe that takes the place of my favourite. The colour of the version I was given is undoubtedly bright, but this is not a fashion shoe so frankly who cares. And the ‘looseness’ in the upper that I thought earlier versions suffered with has gone. All in all I think this is a really good shoe and one that I know I will be reaching for time and again as my marathon training progresses through the winter. I just might need to find a muddy trail to tone down the colour a little…

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