Moving Comfort for women: a review

Words by Ms. Dionne Allen

Recently the team behind Moving Comfort, owned by Brooks, invited to have a look at the latest collection of apparel and accessories for women. Wanting to provide the best possible review, it seemed logical to ask Dionne to go along and see what it was all about. Here are her thoughts:

6a778537f00848343eda87452dc05347With 70% market share in the US run market, Moving Comfort, sister company to well established run brand Brooks is gradually taking a hold on the Central European and UK female run market, and after being invited to their spring/summer product launch it is easy to see why.

Moving Comfort is a company geared towards designing female sports bras and apparel that compliment the woman’s figure, no matter what shape or size. Their products are designed to make women feel both fashionable and feminine, giving them the confidence and motivation to get active as a

fit woman is a powerful woman (Moving Comfort Slogan).

Moving comfort is a brand that takes women’s needs to heart and the key to every women’s exercise performance is a “good quality sport’s bra” which is something many of us females take for granted thinking any old bra will do. However as the five points below show a properly fitting and comfortable bra is key to exercise performance and comfort:

  1. Sports bras are an essential piece of kit: as important as a quality pair of running shoes to a woman.
  2. Regardless of size all woman need to wear a properly fitted sports bra.
  3. There are no muscles in the breast meaning that skin and Cooper’s ligaments are the only supporting structures, so wothout proper support the breast will be liable to stretch and may cause irreversible sagging. Once the breast tissue is damaged it CANNOT be repaired!
  4. Exercise related breast pain is believed to effect 70% of active women due to inadequate support.
  5. Wearing an un-supportive or ill fitting bra is likely to affect the female athlete’s running style and performance.

With a sports bra being key to the active female’s comfort and performance, Moving Comfort have committed themselves to high quality product development that meets the needs of every active woman. A key element of their product development is biomechanics, where each and every individual product is vigorously scientifically  tested in the lab, using their individualised ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’ strategy explained below-

  • HEAD means scientific testing to ensure that their bras provide the ‘best’ support and fit that is unique to the woman’ s body.
  • HEART means design through development of a product that looks and feels great; designed and tested by women for women and geared towards ensuring that they produce a fashionable and practical product that is true to their technical roots but fits, flatters and delivers

At the spring/ summer launch I was very impressed on the variety of  Sports bras they have to offer no matter of shape, size or sport. Moving Comfort have a bra for everyone. On a more personal level I particularly loved the Juno Bra which is their number one selling bra in both the UK and Central Europe. This provides maximum support and comfort, reducing vertical and side-ways motion of the bust. This makes this bra perfect for running and as it also comes in a variety of colours to suit every taste – another key selling point which should ensure that a Moving Comfort bra is in every woman’s kit-bag. It is evident that Moving Comfort has every active woman at its heart and are a brand dedicated to providing sports bras that in their words

make women feel fit, powerful and kickassy

… and I could not agree more!!!

One note of caution, though: prior to buying a sports bra, Moving Comfort do recommend going to one of their stockist so that you can get properly fitted to ensure that you get the perfect bra that fits well and gives maximum support. You can find their product range and your nearest stockist here.

So now you have no excuse – what you waiting for? Go get yours!

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