Shoe review: Saucony Peregrine 2

At the moment I am having a great time in Chamonix, spending time running in the mountains and exploring all the trails on offer. Just before I left to come out here, the lovely folk at Saucony UK sent me a pair of their Peregrine 2s to go running in and I recorded a video review of what I think of them:

I actually have had a couple of pairs of the Peregrines before and I really like this shoe, mainly because it is:

  • lightweight
  • grippy
  • low-profile
  • has a 4mm heel-toe differential
  • provides a decent amount of toe protection
Image taken from iRunFar
Image taken from iRunFar

I think that the Saucony Peregrine feels fast thanks to the fact that it has so little bulk. Other trail shoes that I have run in seem to be massive. There is an increasing trend, as with road running shoes, towards less bulky trail shoes, but I would say that the Peregrine was one of the first to be so stripped back and light. That said, there is no compromise on cushioning or grip… so you have a comfortable, responsive, light shoe which has enough grip and a decent amount of toe protection: what’s not to like? The shoe even has a ring at the bottom of the laces for a gaiter to clip on to if you are running in very wet conditions or on trails where there is masses of loose debris. Small gaiters can mean the difference between a lovely run admiring the views and pushing your limits versus stopping every 400m to remove another stone or piece of wood from your shoe!

Anyway, I hope you like the video and please give me any feedback you can… good, bad or otherwise! And let me know what your favourite trail shoes are. I am out here for five weeks so maybe I will get to try them out too!


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  1. I love this shoe, just done laraig ghru 27 mile hill race through a mountain pass in Scotland. Some road at the start and finish. Really rocky climbs was perfect. I was selling them to people on the race.

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