Guest post: Brooks & Moving Comfort Autumn/Winter Product Launch

When I was away in France recently, I was sadly unavailable for the Brooks and Moving Comfort press party. These are great events, where Brooks’ knowledgeable and passionate team talk through all the innovations and plans for the forth-coming season. But my great friend and awesome runner Dionne Allen came to the rescue and offered to cover the even for me. Here is her report…


I was very lucky and honored to be invited as a representative for Simon to the Brooks’ and their sister company Moving Comfort’s Autumn/Winter product launch. Even more so I was one of the lucky few to have the privilege of going to Brooks’ brand headquarters where the event was held.

A barn-like building in Steyning, West Sussex looking over the South Downs on a hot sunny day, it could not have been more idyllic: a small intimate location it really carried that Brooks ethos of giving the personal family touch and the ‘Run Happy’ spirit, which was flowing throughout the day!

We were taken through both the footwear and apparel ranges for Autumn/Winter and I could be here all day writing about the exciting new ranges they have on offer. Instead I have decided to review a couple of products at the premium end of their range to see if they are worth the higher price tag.

Brooks Glycerin 11

imageFirst off we start with the Brooks Glycerin 11, the most luxurious and pinnacle trainer within the Brooks footwear range. This is the key shoe Brooks are pushing as a brand, focusing all their advertising and social media campaigns on marketing the Glycerin 11, increasing consumer awareness of the shoe and more importantly getting it on people’s feet. After testing the product there is reason to see why Brooks have spent ‘BIG’ money on the marketing of this shoe.

Think of that feeling of lying on a comfy sofa or bed after a long hard Sunday run or getting into a nice cozy bed after a long hard slog at work: that is exactly the same feeling you get with the Glycerin 11. They immediately put your feet at ease and get you out the door. The comfort is second to none and the ride is like floating on clouds. This latest edition of the Glycerin introduces a number of new improvements to improve both its fit and feel for the better. Brooks have introduced screen printing technology so there is no stitching on the shoe and this gives it a nice smooth fit with no worries of rubbing or blistering. It also has a nice rounded collar which hugs the foot giving the shoe a nice plush custom feel. Brooks have also taken away any unnecessary foam that was in the previous Glycerin models which does not just have the bonus of making the shoe lighter but also enables you to feel the ground more allowing for a more efficient and smoother transition off the ground for better energy return and performance.

Although the shoe is stacked with cushioning it surprisingly has great flexibility, allowing the foot to move more naturally, due to its enhances Omega Flex-grooves on the sole of the shoe, which are shaped like a smiley face to add that Brooks personal ‘Run Happy’ touch.

Overall I am a huge fan of what Brooks have brought to the table with this latest Glycerin edition. Not only does the shoe have a nice sleek look, the ride certainly has that nice plush premium touch and I would say its worth every penny of its £120 price tag… an everyday trainer that caters for your every wants and needs! (If you want to be part of an exclusive Glycerin 11 club Alton Sports are stocking an exclusive color way only available at their store).

Brooks Silver Bullet jacket

image-1Next we have one for the ladies; the Brooks Silver Bullet jacket as impressive as its name sounds. This jacket is very ‘run practical’, designed with aluminum fibers which are woven into the inner liner membrane of the jacket to reflect your body heat back to you, to keep you warm on those cold winter runs. The jacket is also windproof and water resistant but beware because as the jacket is not seamless it is not fully water tight so you may still get a tad wet in a downpour. However this does allow for breathability to stop you getting too hot when running and to allow the sweat to evaporate away from the skin. There is another key selling point, which is flip mitts meaning if the hands get cold and you have made the mistake of forgetting your gloves you can flip the inner cuffs over with added thumb holes to cover the fingers… simply genius!!

The Silver Bullet Jacket has a great look, not only is it smart enough to wear to a job interview (guilty) this fashion based jacket is sure to gain a few admiring stares when out on your run. Plus you don’t have to worry about not being able to show it off at night as the jacket has 360 degree of retro reflectivity so you are sure to be seen. The runners amongst us that are not so fashion conscious it does come in a more discrete black.

Moving Comfort

Finally as Brooks sisters company I thought I would give Moving Comfort a mention. I personally am a huge fan and the products I have from Moving Comfort includes my number one sports bra of choice. They certainly have the active female needs at heart and you can read more in my product review here.

A brand inspired by women, their new Autumn/Winter range certainly aspires to their brand goals ‘to enrich femininity with inner strength’  they continue to make the most functionally and beautiful active wear to inspire and motivate the active female.

Thanks massively to Dionne for a great review. If you wear Brooks or Moving Comfort, we (that is Dionne and I) would love to know what you wear and what you think of it – the comments section is open for you now!

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  1. Very jealous of Dionne! Would love to go to the Brooks/MC HQ’s someday! Great post, and leaves us devoted Brooks fans hungry for more. I absolutely love my women’s Silver Bullet Jacket (original version), and love wearing it on cold winter runs. For such a lightweight material, it keeps you impressively warm!
    Great write up! 🙂

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