Jingle, jangle no more: the Keybud answer to loose keys

I am happy to say, that very little annoys me when I am running. The moment I am out running my tolerance for things that would ordinarily have me drafting a “Dear Sir…” email to the editor of a national newspaper, dissipates and I am the epitome of calm. Drifting, floating, easing along. Even when I am working hard, the rhythm of my feet on the pavement or track and my breathing allows me to drift away to a head-space where everyday irritations can’t reach me. And then…

The arhythmical jangle of keys, never seemingly in time with anything, will snap at my brain like the most irritating sound in the world. And I always have the same reaction


Why would you put an unsecured bunch of keys in your pocket and go for a run. In fact why take a bunch? And why not carry them in your hand so they don’t make a noise? Argh, irritating beyond belief!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 16.17.20So I am rather taken with a product that is being developed by a team in Sweden called SportBud. They are currently working on a new offering called the Keybud – a neat little wrist strap which allows you to slip a single key into a secure pouch and head off. No jangle. No jingle. No chance of wearing a hole in your shorts’ pocket. No chance that I will try to decapitate you with a handy road-cone or something.

The Keybud is currently looking for funding through Kickstarter and if you are interested, you can find details here. All joking about my annoyance with key-janglers aside, I think that having a key tucked away in a Keybud is a great way to keep your hands free, your key safe and your shorts jangle-free, whether you are running, gym-ing (is that a word?), swimming, cycling… whatever so this may be a great opportunity to support a cool company and get in on a great new product. I’ll be going for a Keybud for sure – I just need to then start going for a run more than once or twice a week!

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