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Warning: this is a blatant plug for something I am involved in at freestak (the business I co-own).

Mockup_Mag_Simon-cornerFor quite a few years now, I have wondered why there isn’t a running magazine celebrating the wonder of our sport. Something that features stories and images that inspire, move and motivate. The antithesis of the ‘burn fat’ or ‘train less, get faster’ articles that seem to make up so much of the specialist running titles nowadays. There are great examples of such magazines, like Rouleur and the Ride Journal in cycling or Alpinist magazine in climbing and mountaineering. But not running. Until now!

Part of the reason that Julie and I set up freestak, was to give us the freedom to do the things we want to do, in the way that we want to do them. So we decided that we would publish a magazine featuring stories about running. The magazine is called Like the Wind.

There is plenty of detail about the magazine on the website, including the fact that all the contributors – that is writers, photographers, illustrators, the sub-editor (thank you Imogen) – are all giving their time, art and expertise for free. And we (that is freestak) are stumping up the money for the magazine and once the sales of the magazine have paid the bills, the balance will be given to charities nominated by the contributors.

So I hope you will all get behind Like the Wind. This is a community project – we want runners from all different disciplines to get involved and tell their stories: that can be through the Facebook page, by email (the address is on the website) or via twitter. And of course if you’d like a copy, you can buy one at

Please let me know what you think of all this, especially if you have ordered a copy.

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