Outrun The Sun… did they make it?

A few weeks ago I posted about an event that I was invited to – the ASICS Outrun The Sun. It turned out to be a pretty daring and exciting challenge, especially for those of us who were invited that had run around the Mont Blanc (or indeed done any long distance trail running). There was certainly no guarantee of success.

So how did the challenge play out? Well there were two teams. The first team – Team Ultra Trail – had four very experienced trail runners including the winner of the UTMB in 2013. They undoubtedly worked extremely hard for over 15 hours to complete the challenge by a little over 33 minutes inside the cut off.

The second relay team – Team Enduro – were less experienced in the mountains and I think ultimately it showed. There were more of them – 7 in Team Enduro rather than 4 in Team Ultra Trail – but they still started getting perilously close to dropping behind the pace required to outrun the sun. In the end, as we all stood in Chamonix town center as updates were relayed to us by the minute, it became clear that they would not arrive before the official sun set. Not that anyone told Megan Kimmel, the last leg of the team, who tore down the street like she was running an 800m race to break the tape… 33 seconds after the official sun set.

You can see more about the challenge here and be assured that there will be more fun to come. I am sure that ASICS have lit the torch paper and soon trying to outrun the sun on the longest day of the year will become a challenge that many people will want to take on… in fact I might even be thinking about it myself!


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