Reacting = bad, responding = good says Seth

Seth-Godin-620x310I really enjoy receiving the blog posts that Seth Godin sends out every day. More often than not he touches upon something that is relevant or pertinent to what is going on in my life. At the very least that means that I know I am not alone!

Today, Seth advised us not to react to the playground bullies – they are childish and petulant and what they really want is to get a rise out of you. Seth’s advice is to respond to them – to come up with a way of dealing with their behaviour that is mature. Here is Seth’s advice:

… we can respond. With something that works. With an approach we’re proud of, proud of even after the moment has passed. It’s not easy, it’s often not fun, but it’s the professional’s choice.

I needed to hear that from a professional point of view today. It allowed me to let go of some pent-up frustration that I was feeling. Good.

But it has also allowed me to see my current running-slump in a different light. It is no one’s fault that I am not running much at the moment. It is not even my fault. It is just a fact that I am struggling to get motivated and actually that is fine. The best thing I can do is not react – don’t get all panicky and try to smash out back to back (to back) hour long runs every day to make up for lost runs, which is what I was planning. Much better is to respond with a plan that is sustainable, sensible and achievable in the circumstances.

Thanks Seth!




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