Time and curiosity is all you need

I was watching a video of my good friend Charlie Dark recently, talking about how he set up the RunDemCrew,  his ideas, the basis of entrepreneurship and his philosophy on life. So much of this resonates with how I feel about co-founding Freestak and Like the Wind magazine

When I met Charlie … oh probably 7 or 8 years ago, at a dinner being hosted by a brand, we talked about where we were in life. Charlie was a few years into RunDemCrew and it was growing fast. I was working for an agency, trying to pay the bills and keep the boss happy, whilst putting as much of my time and effort as possible into becoming the best runner I could be and recording the experience here on this blog.

It was a very fortuitous meeting for me. There was a clear connection.

One thing that I think that Charlie and I shared, was the idea that what drove us to keep doing what we were doing in running was curiosity. I wanted to know how good a runner I could be. I think that Charlie was curios about his own running and also what the RunDemCrew could become; how many people it could reach (although I might have to ask him for verification of that).

In this video Charlie returns to that theme, when he says;

time and curiosity for the incubation of any idea is wonderful

So right. So, so right. It is as if curiosity is the spark that lights the gunpowder of time to create results. One without the other has potential but won’t work. You need the two.

I would add to what Charlie says and say that ‘time’ itself requires a dose of grit and determination. If you are going to really make something work, you need to find the strength to put in the time. You will have to make choices about what you want to do more

/party every night or train to run /

/sleep in at the weekends or launch a business /

/splash out on some new stuff you want or save your money to make your dream come true/

I think that Charlie has got it spot on with his assessment of what it will take to make something worthwhile. He starts by saying that if you are starting something purely to make money, you should stop. I think he is right – you should be curious about what you can do in your life, not what material wealth you can accrue. Can you represent your country in the Olympic Games? Build an incredible business? Discover something that changes our understanding of ourselves, the world or the universe? Be curious about that and you are well on the way to achieving it. Then, perhaps, fortune will follow. Certainly you will know that you have used your time wisely.

Thanks for the words, Charlie.

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