About Simon Freeman

At the very end of 2004 I made a life-changing decision that I wanted to abandon my unhealthy lifestyle and get in shape. With no specific goal I started cycling and then running. By May 2005 I had entered my first race – an 8km fun run – and I was instantly hooked on running. My next race, the Great North Run in September 2005, came with a target of finishing in under 2 hours, which I did with barely minutes to spare.

Fast forward to 2011 and now I am dedicated to two things; firstly finding out what I am capable of; and second inspiring as many people as possible to discover the joy of running (and fitness in general) and how it can be such a huge power for beneficial change in their lives.

So far my journey has lead me to the following times (amongst others) for the distances I have raced:

3000m (track) – 9:43.59
5km – 16:42
10km – 35:39
10 mile: 55:58
half marathon – 73:54
marathon – 2:37:07 (updated at London marathon 2013)

This is the place I will share the things that I find during the journey to becoming the best runner I can possibly be. Please contact me and tell me your story.

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