Dionne Allen

Dionne is not only a great athlete, having represented the country, she is also a friend and when she is in London, my training partner. Comfortable on the track, road, cross-country course and in mountain races, Dee loves her racing (and her Vans trainers) and you can expect to see great things from her in the future.

Terry Stephens

Terry is a great friend, who I met at the RunDemCrew. His sporting background came from playing football, but he can be forgiven for that, because he has transformed himself into a fine distance runner and a sub-3 hour marathon runner. Terry has absolute dedication and a wicked turn of speed – many is the time he has broken into a sprint at the end of a run and left everyone with him trailing! – as well as a very modest assessment of his own achievements. But the numbers don’t lie – you can check out his Power Of 10 page here.

Catherine Wilding

Catherine is a great friend and valued contributor to this blog bringing with her unbridled enthusiasm for all things running, a wonderful writing style and the insider knowledge that comes from being a very, very accomplished runner herself.

As a runner Catherine has amassed a really impressive clutch of personal bests, with a 37:08 10K personal best, 80:09 for the half marathon and 2:49:07 for the marathon. Catherine has started in the elite women’s race in the New York Marathon and won the Vienna Half Marathon and Amsterdam Half Marathon along with many other smaller races in her running career so far. When it comes to understanding what it means to run at the top level, Catherine has unrivaled first hand experience. Catherine also has a deep knowledge of, and passion for, nutrition and the ways that getting this area right can contribute hugely to any runner’s success.

Professionally, Catherine is a strategic communications consultant for luxury brands, creative copywriter and journalist, which explains why her articles are so beautifully written.