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­2014 London Marathon Race Report by Catherine Wilding

It promised to be one of the most exciting races ever.  The London Marathon was to bear witness to the double Olympic Champion – Mo Farah – making his debut over the 26.2 mile distance.  Ever since Mo turned up on the start line of the London Marathon in 2013 to “practice” going off with [...]

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The London marathon: finishers, fans and their stories

What is the London marathon, really? Is it a test of physical preparedness? Or a chance for people to show that they are mentally tough enough to deal with the training required to run 26.2 miles? Maybe it is a great way to honour a relative that has passed away and perhaps raise some money [...]

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Saucony invite you to pop in to the pop-up

I personally think that one of the things that some running brands could do a little more of, is talking about their heritage and the reason they do what they do. This is part of what we believe in at Freestak and it comes from a feeling that often people don’t just by what a [...]

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Two’s company, three’s a crowd and more is better…

I have certainly written before that I think that training with other people – whether that is one training partner or as a group – is really crucial for me. I can’t imagine how many times I have finished a training session with one or more other people and said “there is no way I [...]

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Gone to seed or laying fallow?

I was recently talking to my friend and fellow Chaser, Tom Craggs, a coach and personal trainer who is quickly developing a reputation as one of the top running coaches in the UK. Tom and I ran the Berlin marathon together, literally in stride, back when a sub-3 hour marathon was something that I dreamed [...]

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The great massage experiment

Some years ago I saw an advert on a tube platform that I thought was so preposterously stupid that I have never forgotten it: the advert was for a moisturiser and there was a photograph of a woman dominating the middle of the poster and text suggesting that this woman had applied the product only [...]

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Like the Wind magazine

Warning: this is a blatant plug for something I am involved in at freestak (the business I co-own). For quite a few years now, I have wondered why there isn’t a running magazine celebrating the wonder of our sport. Something that features stories and images that inspire, move and motivate. The antithesis of the ‘burn [...]

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The ultimate training package for the ultimate London Marathon?

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am a huge fan of the London marathon. I really think that it is the best of its type in the world and as much as I love the New York marathon and the Berlin race and the Paris marathon, London is where my heart is. [...]

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Jingle, jangle no more: the Keybud answer to loose keys

I am happy to say, that very little annoys me when I am running. The moment I am out running my tolerance for things that would ordinarily have me drafting a “Dear Sir…” email to the editor of a national newspaper, dissipates and I am the epitome of calm. Drifting, floating, easing along. Even when [...]

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Look and Learn for adventurous types: Nick Parks event at Berghaus

Look and Learn for adventurous types: Nick Parks event at Berghaus

My life definitely has running at its core. But it is not the be-all-and-end-all. I also really love doing other endurance-type stuff when I get the chance (which sadly is never often enough). I love hiking, fast-packing, climbing, cross-country skiing… anything that involves strenuous exercise really! But as much as I love doing stuff myself, [...]

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