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Reacting = bad, responding = good says Seth

I really enjoy receiving the blog posts that Seth Godin sends out every day. More often than not he touches upon something that is relevant or pertinent to what is going on in my life. At the very least that means that I know I am not alone! Today, Seth advised us not to react [...]

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My problem with the use of the word ‘brutal’.

brutal (adjective) bruːt(ə)l/ 1. savagely violent. 2. unpleasant or harsh. 3. direct and without attempting to disguise unpleasantness. Origin: late 15th century (in the sense ‘relating to the lower animals’): from Old French, or from medieval Latin brutalis, from brutus ‘dull, stupid’ Too many ‘brutal’s It may be perception rather than reality, but lately I [...]

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Avoiding a doping problem in marathon running? Might be too late.

I just read an astonishing – and very disappointing – statistic relating to elite level marathon runners: Thirty-six Kenyans have been confirmed as failing [performance enhancing drug] tests in the past two years. And probably the saddest thing is that I’m not at all surprised. The reasons why doping is almost certainly endemic in the [...]

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Too near or too far… what is the perfect target?

It is often said – and I believe it to be true – that in order to drag yourself out of a rut, you need a target. I for one can’t train for the sake of training. Apart from anything else it feels like a terribly inefficient waste of time. I need to have a [...]

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Suddenly calm…

In the last couple of days I have suddenly felt much calmer about the up-coming UTMB CCC that Julie and I are taking on in 10 days. I think I was obsessing about the details: >100km 6,000m of ascent A bad summer weather-wise in Chamonix Not knowing which shoes I should wear Not knowing if [...]

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I have…

I have… just finished a 16 mile run with a pick up at the end I have… all the opportunities in the world to become the best runner I can be I have… surrounded myself with amazingly supportive people: my wife, family and friends I have… plenty of kit I have… the best possible nutrition I have… medical support on [...]

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Who the hell am I racing against?

In the second in a series of very self-indulgent posts this weekend (sorry!) I want to answer the questions: who am I competing with? Who am I measuring myself with? Who am I racing against? Watching the best of the best I watched the the women’s World Triathlon Series race that took place in Hyde [...]

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More or less – what is the key to being a better runner?

More or less – what is the key to being a better runner?

Is running a matter of more or less? For many runners, certainly many I know, the usual response to the desire to get better at running is to do more running. But I have recently been thinking about running in terms of balance. Whether more is always better. Or in fact whether sometime less is [...]

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Be brave

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain When it comes to running, sometimes control can become [...]

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Race number transfers – who is going to blink first: runners or organisers?

Race number transfers – who is going to blink first: runners or organisers?

I was talking to a race director yesterday and the subject of race number transfers came up. It was in the context of race insurance and the race director suggested that this was the reason that races regularly refuse to allow people to transfer their numbers to someone else. I’m not sure that is true, [...]

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