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Marathon inspiration

If you, like me, believe that we can all aspire to be better and that one of the ways to do that is to look up occasionally and watch the stars, then as a marathon runner you really must watch this video. I believe that running is about searching down inside and really asking yourself [...]

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Body image from a different perspective

Having taken up running to regain control over my life & to lose weight, I’ve found myself being quite emotional reading Chrissie Wellington’s amazing book and the challenges that she has overcome with regards to how she feels about her body. She says that she has reached a point now where she appreciates her body [...]

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Union boss calls for Olympic strikes

In the Guardian today, Len McCluskey has said that in an attempt to force the government to bend to the demands of public sector workers, he is going to encourage the members of his union Unite, which includes 28,000 bus drivers, to strike during the Olympics. You can read the article here. His argument seems [...]

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A quiet anger

Recently I seem to have found many angry people in my life, both professionally and personally. I find anger very disturbing and not something I can relate to at all. It seems like such a destructive and negative and illogical emotion. Someone I used to work with – who was a very, very angry man [...]

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Bud coaching

How to fillet a fish

My Nan is an amazing woman – 96 years old and still going strong. In 96 years, one gets a lot of stuff done and my Nan is no exception. As a result, she knows how to do a lot of stuff. A few years ago I had returned from the shops with a fish [...]

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The A-Z of running brands

Last night my wife and I had a little housewarming party. As was to be expected, the majority of guests were runners and at some point the conversation turned to the foibles that runners have. I joked that I store and wear all my running kit in alphabetical order by brand (I don’t, I assure [...]

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Response to the post The Culture of Entitlement

There is a blog written by a dear friend of mine, Muireann Carey-Campbell, which you can find here. I really implore you to go and read it. Wait! Not yet… no, read this post first, then go and read Bang’s writing (I’m worried you might never come back!) Bangs writes wonderful posts in which she [...]

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Does my opinion count?

Many moons ago I started a blog about running that is now defunct. The blog was basically about me and my running and what I thought about running. It was, at the very least, a little narcissistic. Boring even. So I killed it in favour of a blog (this one) that I hope can inspire and [...]

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