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The Epson Run Sense SF-810 GPS watch – first impressions

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at the PR company looking after Epson’s range of ‘GSP Sports Monitors’ and asked if I’d like to review the Run Sense SF-810. I haven’t looked at another GPS watch since I bought myself a Suunto Ambit2 a while ago, so I thought ‘why not’… Here’s what [...]

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Sound of mind, sound of ears…

I am not a really regular wearer of headphones when I am running. However I do like some music when I am out training on my own from time to time, usually when I am on a recovery run, which to be honest I often find a bit boring. Music can help me relax and [...]

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The Berghaus Hyper 37 backpack review

I love running in the mountains and whilst I dream about being able to run in the Alps every day, the reality of living in north London is that I can’t. And the thing I love above all else, is multi-day trips or ‘fast-packing’. My definition of this, is taking as little as possible, going [...]

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What I needed for my summer of ultras: kit review and nutrition

What I needed for my summer of ultras: kit review and nutrition

One of the things that I love about running is the simplicity of it – if the weather is kind, all you need is a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of socks and you are ready to go. If you want to be really comfortable you could add a cap and [...]

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Running to the beat of a TomTom – review of the TomTom Runner GPS watch

Mention TomTom to most people and they will know this as the brand behind the in-car satnav, beloved of drivers from the easily bewildered to taxi drivers who know longer have the knowledge that they used to. In fact so synonymous is TomTom with that market, that this brand has almost assumed the status that [...]

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The hills are alive, with the sound of running: a trail running weekend in Chamonix

I think that one of the amazing things about running is the variety of ways that an athlete can out one foot in front of another and attempt to cover an given distance as fast as possible. Whether you are a 100m sprinter or an ultra-ultra distance runner, you are a runner. And that means [...]

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What can be measured can be managed… probably

I just watched a report on the BBC website about how technology is being used to help people measure every aspect of their fitness and well-being. You can see the report, from the technology show in Las Vegas here. This programme got me thinking. I am not a huge user of fitness technology. I have [...]

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Music maestro

Do you run with music? I think that this is something of a Marmite issue in the running world – some love it and some hate it. Typically, I love it sometimes and hate it other times! I usually find that I want to run with music when the conditions are not optimal: a gloomy [...]

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Nike: Back to the Future?

In the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet a few of the Nike contingency in London, who seem to be here to coincide with the Olympics. Understandable given the number of Nike sponsored athletes competing in the Games. But Nike are also here to showcase some new products and this morning, [...]

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Sleeping beauty

There are three elements that make up the triangle that is essential for ensuring success in running – training, nutrition and rest. When I was first shown this short list I was more than a little surprised by the fact that rest is considered as important as training and nutrition, but it is considered by [...]

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