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Moving Comfort for women: a review

Words by Ms. Dionne Allen Recently the team behind Moving Comfort, owned by Brooks, invited to have a look at the latest collection of apparel and accessories for women. Wanting to provide the best possible review, it seemed logical to ask Dionne to go along and see what it was all about. Here are [...]

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Trump-eting the future for running shops?

I was running a little late as I approached the new Sweatshop concept store, on Trump Street in the City of London, and as I jogged along beside the building towards the grand entrance, I glanced up to the glazed second floor and saw Nick Pearson, Managing Director, talking to a group of very fit [...]

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The thigh’s the limit

Before I get started, I apologise for the terribly cheesy title to this review: I love thinking up snappy and catchy titles for the articles I post on here and sometimes a groan-inducing one will pop into my head. Normally I try to replace it, but in this case, it stays… so sorry about that. [...]

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Marathon Road and what we can learn from it

Tonight I stumbled upon a video called Marathon Road. Lasting just over ten minutes, this is a mini documentary, produced by Ideatap Studios, about a group of runners training for the US Olympic marathon trials race, this weekend in Houston. The reality of elite marathoning I think that the video is really well made – [...]

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The Mental Muscle with Rasmus Ankersen

I recently attended a one day seminar called the Mental Muscle, presented by Rasmus Ankersen, the High Performance Anthropologist. The seminar was billed as an exploration of the factors that create environments where high performance becomes the norm, and that is exactly what it delivered. To begin Rasmus Ankersen offered the delegates a brief background [...]

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SIS go gel

Fuel on the run: SIS Go Gel

As you would expect, I am increasingly paying attention to nutrition in an attempt to squeeze more running performance out of myself. Training and rest make up two sides of the performance triangle – the other side is nutrition. However as much as I do to improve my nutrition from day-to-day, there is always the [...]

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There’s no ‘arm in trying something new

There’s no ‘arm in trying something new

I am afraid to say that the weather is turning towards autumn. It is September and now, during early morning runs or late evening runs, there is a distinct chill in the air. It is not cold, not by a long stretch, but I am tending to find that I want to add a little [...]

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piles of running kit

How to tackle the perma-stink with Halo Proactive Sports Wash

It’s true that most people training for a marathon will run several times a week. There are people I know who are training for a chance to run for their country who manage twelve runs per week and even I have nine or ten runs a week. One of the challenges we all face is [...]

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mammoth mattress

Sleeping beauty

There are three elements that make up the triangle that is essential for ensuring success in running – training, nutrition and rest. When I was first shown this short list I was more than a little surprised by the fact that rest is considered as important as training and nutrition, but it is considered by [...]

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U2 can decide to carry on

Earlier this week I heard U2′s hit “Where the streets have no name” on a radio being played in another room. Suddenly I was reminded of the classic YouTube video – well it is a classic as far as I am concerned! – of the dual in the sun. This was the 1982 Boston marathon [...]

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