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The North Face might have just changed my life

It is easy to by cynical when brands claim that they are inventing or re-inventing a concept and bringing it to the people, when in fact what they are doing is hitching their wagon on something really cool and riding it all the way to the bank. There are some really horrible examples of this. [...]

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adidas Ultra Boost review: are they really that good?

When adidas launch a shoe, they really launch a shoe. When they first announced their new midsole material – Boost – they took a group of people (me included) to New York where we joined journalists and blogger from all around the world at a stunning event at the Javits Centre – the home of [...]

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Training for a mile: must remember to smile.

I was recently invited by adidas to join them at the Westminster Mile and run the race alongside a bunch of other blogger and journalists. They then introduced a twist. I’ll come to that in a moment. Me? I’m NOT a miler Now I have not run a race for a very, very long time. [...]

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Born Free: ten years of the Nike Free

I once heard someone say that the Nike Free is the best selling running shoe ever and whether or not that is true, this year Nike are celebrating 10 years of their iconic, floppy, flexible friend-of-the-foot. As part of the celebration, Nike brought Sean McDowell, Vice President and Creative Director for Nike Running, over from Oregon [...]

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Nike Flyknit Lunar2 review: light, cushioned and bright!

I was recently sent a pair of Nike’s latest Flyknit creation for runners – the Nike Flyknit Lunar2. This is the first Nike shoe that I have had the chance to try out for quite a while and I was excited to see if this would be the Nike shoe for me. Me and Nike [...]

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adidas Supernova Glide Boost review: from cold & wet to warm & sunny!

I am unashamedly a fan of the adidas Boost midsole material technology. In case you are not up to speed on what it is all about, my understanding is that adidas have developed a midsole material (the springy bit that provides the cushioning in running (and indeed most other sports) shoes) that replaces the EVA [...]

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With age comes great wisdom: the ASICS Kayano 20 review

How do you work out the age of a dog in ‘human years’? The rule of thumb is that you multiply the age of your faithful hound by 7. Seven dog years for every human one. Actually that is not particularly accurate because different breeds of dogs live for very different amounts of time. But [...]

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Taking it off-road: a round-up of some of the trail shoes I used in 2013

This year, more then ever before, I was running more and more off-road. At the start of 2013, I tried to nail a decent cross-country season and with the heavy snow that we had throughout the winter, I found myself running in trail shoes more and more. Then after my tilt at the London marathon [...]

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The Saucony Cortana 3 – a Porsche for your feet

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz My friends all have Porsches, I must make amends… Or so the song goes. But for me, I have always thought that the words to that song rang hollow. Why would you want a Mercedes Benz in preference to a Porsche? I’ll be honest, I would [...]

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ASICS Gel Super-J 33 and Muscle Support apparel reviews

Last week I was priveledged to be taken to Milan for the launch of two new lines in the ASICS extensive running range – some new apparel and a new pair of shoes. You can read my introduction to the launch and now, having had a chance to run properly in the tights and the [...]

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