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My On-and-On Love of Photography

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. I have really early memories of my Mum taking me through boxes of old photographs on the landing at home. I can still easily recall the smell of the 4 x 6 inch prints in their paper envelopes. I found the little plastic pots [...]

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Could this be a signal? LVMH (maybe) in talks to buy Rapha

Could this be a signal? LVMH (maybe) in talks to buy Rapha

This post is about signals. Two signals actually. One is the change of this blog from a personal obsession about running a marathon. The other is about how the endurance sports and lifestyle / fashion worlds are colliding. First: changes to this blog When I started this blog (initially posting anonymously as the Red Squirrel) [...]

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My runners prayer

Recently I was talking about the words of the Lord’s Prayer – something that I don’t think about all that often, but having sung the words every morning at chapel in school from the age of 11 to 18, I had no problem recalling them. In the prayer there is a line thy will be [...]

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The North Face might have just changed my life

It is easy to by cynical when brands claim that they are inventing or re-inventing a concept and bringing it to the people, when in fact what they are doing is hitching their wagon on something really cool and riding it all the way to the bank. There are some really horrible examples of this. [...]

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Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon – the return of the red squirrel

This morning I went to the launch of the Royal Parks Foundation half marathon ballot.  You can register for the ballot here: and there is also an ultra, the details for which are here: The press release from the Royal Parks team is as follows: Sara Lom, Chief Executive of the Royal Parks [...]

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Do shoes make you more efficient?

As the bare-foot vs. shod running debate continues to rumble along, one of the arguments that I have come across was the idea that running barefoot is more efficient because as we add weight to the foot, the effort required to run increases and therefore efficiency decreases. The conclusion is often made, therefore, that if [...]

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Brooks Racer ST5 – the future’s bright, the future’s orange.

Brooks Racer ST5 – the future’s bright, the future’s orange.

Through my association with Ransacker I was recently invited to a party (erm, well it was called a party, which was unlike any party I’ve ever been to) to view the new products being launched to the running community by Brooks. It was a really interesting evening and the Brooks team in the UK are [...]

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Thoughts on the Florence marathon 2010

This weekend I ran in the 27th Firenze Marathon, in beautiful Tuscany.This is some of what I thought of the race. The weather forecast promised rain and it delivered. Man, did it deliver. I have to admit that I tend to be a cynic when it comes to weather forecasts and this isn’t inspite of [...]

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Why I might buy ASICS’ entry level shoe

I read today that my favourite brand of running shoe, ASICS, plans to launch a $60 dollar shoe in the US in the near future, as part of its programme to double sales by 2015. This story, which seems to have made more of an impact in the business pages than the running forums, interested [...]

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The long and the shorts of it

One of the most oft quoted reasons that running is so popular is that it requires very little equipment – a pair of shoes and you are off! Well as anyone who has been to one of the mass participation races in the UK or runs in an area popular with those out training will [...]

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