The truth is out there… always

One of the things I love about running, and I am sure I have written about this before so please excuse the repetition, is its inherent honesty. Running is an utterly measurable activity – whether you choose to measure it or not, the metrics are easy to record and unequivocal. So why is it that [...]

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You choose…

        You choose whether to look forward to a session or to dread it. You choose whether to procrastinate or just get on and do it. You choose to believe you can do this (or not). You choose to be the best you can be today and every day. You choose if [...]

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New York, new London?

The Wall Street Journal carried a story today that the three Americans who lined up for the Olympic marathon a couple of weeks ago, will all be racing in the New York City marathon on 4 November. I suppose this is not remarkable news, given that the New York marathon is one of the biggest [...]

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Athletes and Injuries: A journey through London 2012

Another treat from the wonderful Catherine Wilding, who in this post looks at the pattern of athletes and injuries, especially in the run-up to important championship competitions. But it really begs the question: are we all not susceptible to pushing too hard as the ‘big day’ approaches and tipping over from fit to broken…?   [...]

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Feather-weight comfort

I like Adidas – I like the brand, I like the German-ness of the company. I like their focus on performance above all else. And I really like the products, especially the adiZero range. One of my favourite bits of kit – and I have quite a bit of kit! – is a second hand [...]

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Get rid of the junk... in your legs!

Having a clear out

In a recent piece that I wrote for Running Fitness magazine’s October issue, I interviewed Mike McLeod – the last British man, before Mo Farah, to win a medal of any colour in an Olympic 10,000m race. I hope that you will have an opportunity to read the piece and enjoy the things that Mike [...]

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2nd-string meat head in racist slur

I actually love writing about Mo Farah. This is a man with, as far as I can see, no flaws. He trains hard – arguably harder than everyone else in the world: that is why he is the double Olympic champion. He loves his family. His seems to enjoy the media attention. He is charming [...]

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Music maestro

Do you run with music? I think that this is something of a Marmite issue in the running world – some love it and some hate it. Typically, I love it sometimes and hate it other times! I usually find that I want to run with music when the conditions are not optimal: a gloomy [...]

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The thigh’s the limit

Before I get started, I apologise for the terribly cheesy title to this review: I love thinking up snappy and catchy titles for the articles I post on here and sometimes a groan-inducing one will pop into my head. Normally I try to replace it, but in this case, it stays… so sorry about that. [...]

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Run how you feel

Recently life outside of running has been getting the better of me – stress has been piling up and I have had to take the decision to give myself a break by ditching my training programme and running as and when I feel. I have been trying to stick to a run every day, but [...]

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