The power of strength

When I met my coach, Nick from RunningWithUs, he changed a few things in my life and my training – well, you’d expect him to, wouldn’t you. One of them (which I admit I’m still struggling to get to grips with) is core- and, what I will call, functional-strength. Nick is a great believer in [...]

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RunBreeze competition

The chaps at RunBreeze are great friends of this blog and have supplied products for reviews as well as offering advice and threatening to come out with me for a run on more than a few occasions. Now they have offered to send one of the visitors to the blog a pair of their superb [...]

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Show me the evidence

Belief vs. empirical evidence – it’s a bit like a battle between love or magic vs. science or logic. The romantic in me always wants to believe that there is a magic and an art to running, but the truth is, I believe that running is a direct input-output relationship. If you train and prepare [...]

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Compression reviews

For the last few years I have tried a few different compression products to try to reduce or manage the impact of tough training sessions. In the last couple of months I have been given a couple of products to try – by RunBreeze and Skins – a had one product bought for me by [...]

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Becoming unstuck

Elements in your (my) training plans can be like the patina that builds up on a favourite frying pan, or the layers of paint that an artist adds to a painting, or the ingredients that are added to a dish, one by one. They build up over time and are impossible to remove individually. Adding [...]

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The power of sleep and food

Usain Bolt raced in the 100m in the Diamond League in Rome last night with an impressive 9.76 seconds, to show that he is back with a vengeance. You can see his run here. But for me, what was more interesting – let’s face it, there are not too many obvious tactical moves in the [...]

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Let Simon Wheatcroft show you what is possible

Simon Wheatcroft should be familiar to anyone who has ever said “I can’t”… and let’s face it, that is pretty much everyone in the world. I think next time you are about to allow the words ‘I’ and ‘can’t’ to cross your lips, take a look at this video and rethink what you think you [...]

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Mo silences his critics, spectacularly.

There have been quite a few people – press and spectators alike – who have ‘worried’ about Mo Farah in his recent outings. Steve Cram’s comments in mid-March, were typical of the concern that was being expressed about Mo’s form when he failed to win four races on the bounce. You can read Cram’s piece [...]

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The selfishness of the long distance runner

I worry sometimes that my ‘focus’ when it comes to running is actually sheer, unadulterated selfishness. I am incredibly lucky that my wife is so supportive, but it nags at me sometimes that she might get a touch frustrated by being woken before dawn day after day as I stumble across the bedroom on my [...]

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Brooks Ravenna 3 – a trainer to rave about?

I was recently offered the opportunity to try out a pair of Brooks’ new Ravennas – the third incarnation. I took the opportunity to ask a friend and training partner if he’d like to try them out and this is what he had to say… Once in a while you find a shoe you really [...]

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