The weather outside is frightful… which is just great! Nike Elements review.

The weather outside is frightful… which is just great! Nike Elements review.

One of my favourite DVDs is ‘On Thin Ice’, the story of James Cracknell and Ben Fogle racing to the North Pole with Ed Coates, a doctor they chose from hundreds of applicants to join them on the adventure. The story is a bit like an epic A-Team adventure, with a challenge set at the [...]

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St Neots half marathon 2012

There are a few races that feature prominently in the calendar at my running club, the Mornington Chasers. There is the Finchley 20, the Cabbage Patch 10, the London marathon, the club’s 6 race 10km series in Regents Park… and the St Neots half marathon. Until recently I didn’t really understand completely while these races [...]

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A triumphant return

Last week I was the lucky recipient of a new pair of Saucony’s Triumph 10s. This is a shoe I have bought a few times before – it fits in the category of shoes that I call my ‘steady and easy running shoes’ which are the ones that tend to get the most mileage and [...]

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ASICS Gel Lyte 33 review

A while ago, the good people at ASICS invited me to go to Berlin with them for the launch of the new Gel Lyte 33 shoe. Unfortunately work commitments meant that I couldn’t go, but my friend and collaborator Catherine Wilding was able to take my place and enjoy some Germanic hospitality. Her write up [...]

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The heart of the matter

I recently was included in a tweet from a friend looking for advice (by the way, if you’re reading this and we’re not yet connected on twitter please do look me up: @simon_freeman) Any running friends use a heart monitor (polar?)? if not how do u tell wen u r at optimum? I thought about [...]

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Cabbage Patch 10 Miler – race report

This is my race report from the Cabbage Patch 10 Miler (in addition to the review that I wrote for Men’s Running that you can read here). This is an important race in my calendar, as it acts as the Mornington Chasers‘ club championship race – the first man and woman home in each age [...]

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The power of the pen (or the keyboard)

I have discovered something about myself and I suspect I am not alone – I need to write things down to really get my head around them. If I don’t I tend to imagine things are better (or occasionally worse) than they really are and that is not a good platform from which to progress. [...]

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Getting rubbed up the right way.

I love a massage, there is no getting away from it. In fact before I started running I used to love a massage. But now that I train and run regularly, I find that a massage has gone from almost a pleasure that I afford myself to a necessity. But there is actually not all [...]

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Runners At The Sharp-end #7: Justina Heslop

Justina is a friend and colleague of Tom Payn, our Runner From The Sharp-end #6 (which you can read here) so thank you to Tom for asking Justina to answer the RATS questions and thank you to Justina for taking the time to do that. The first – but I hope by no means the [...]

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What I learned this weekend…

I have a confession: I sometimes cause myself quite a lot of stress trying to keep too many people happy. That often involves trying to be in too many places at once or rushing from one event to another with no hope of successfully getting to everything. I am sure I am not alone in [...]

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