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Too near or too far… what is the perfect target?

It is often said – and I believe it to be true – that in order to drag yourself out of a rut, you need a target. I for one can’t train for the sake of training. Apart from anything else it feels like a terribly inefficient waste of time. I need to have a [...]

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Suddenly calm…

In the last couple of days I have suddenly felt much calmer about the up-coming UTMB CCC that Julie and I are taking on in 10 days. I think I was obsessing about the details: >100km 6,000m of ascent A bad summer weather-wise in Chamonix Not knowing which shoes I should wear Not knowing if [...]

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Chris Finch is: Training for the Bupa Great North Run 2014

I love getting suggestions for posts from other people and I especially love it when they then offer to write a piece. This means that (a) I don’t have to come up with a piece myself and (b) the readers of this blog get a break from my monotonous droning! Anyway, Chris Finch, from Fanbed, [...]

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Maintaining not training

Maintaining not training

Training (ˈtreɪnɪŋ/) is defined as the action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event and I have recently realised that I am not training. Not that I don’t have a sporting event lined up – I do – but I am not really training for it. Certainly not [...]

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ASICS Outrun The Sun: Part Two

ASICS Outrun The Sun: Part Two

Well, best laid plans and all that… I aimed to post an update on the race from Chamonix and yet here I am back in grey and grim London after a much needed good nights sleep, trying to figure out how to cram the story of Outrun The Sun into one blog post. That might [...]

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Coming soon to my feet… the Nike Pegasus 31

I have just heard from Nike that they are unleashing the 31st edition of the Pegasus on the running public, after developing the product with insights from elite athletes including Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and Rita Jeptoo – note they didn’t ask me! As a result, Nike believe they have been able to construct their [...]

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ASICS Out Run The Sun: part One

This is a live, on the ground, real-time report from Chamonix where ASICS have set up a challenge, called Out Run The Sun and invited a big group of journalists, retailers and staff to take part in a celebration of trail running around the challenge they have created. What is Out Run The Sun? The [...]

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Races on the radar

I think that it is very, very easy to let training plummet down the priority list when there is nothing to focus on and I am better to have a target, even if that is a long way off. I know that personally training for training’s sake doesn’t work – I simply keep putting things [...]

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Who the hell am I racing against?

In the second in a series of very self-indulgent posts this weekend (sorry!) I want to answer the questions: who am I competing with? Who am I measuring myself with? Who am I racing against? Watching the best of the best I watched the the women’s World Triathlon Series race that took place in Hyde [...]

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Running with (two) Kenyans

How much longer do we have to run? I am tired and hungry. Are we nearly finished? These were the words that Joan said to me, whilst looking up – with pleading eyes – while we waited for Tom, who was leading our early morning group run, to return from trying to find Peter, another [...]

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