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National Cross 2015

Yesterday I went to the National Cross on Hampstead Heath to watch thousands of runners do battle with the hills and mud. What became pretty obvious, was that I prefer to be behind the camera than pulling on my spikes and struggling around. I should probably have been running, but I’m really happy with the [...]

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adidas Boost – the next chapter

When adidas announced Boost as their latest technology, I honestly thought that they were on to something in terms of changing the paradigm. They had created a material that would challenge the ubiquity of EVA as the stuff that was on the bottom of every pair of running shoes (excluding the most minimalist of minimal [...]

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New socks… and other things to get you going

It is the start of a new year and whether or not you subscribe to the idea of taking one day in the year as the signal to change things in your life or not, it can undoubtedly a tough time of the year to be running (or doing anything else outdoors to be honest). [...]

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Reacting = bad, responding = good says Seth

I really enjoy receiving the blog posts that Seth Godin sends out every day. More often than not he touches upon something that is relevant or pertinent to what is going on in my life. At the very least that means that I know I am not alone! Today, Seth advised us not to react [...]

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Imagine… passion and profession coming together

Imagine your favourite thing in the whole world. And then someone says ‘here you are, come and do it for a living…’ Now I hope that all the wonderful people who actually read this blog understand that I am reasonably skeptical; open to ideas wherever they come from (and that includes from brands) but always [...]

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Avoiding a doping problem in marathon running? Might be too late.

I just read an astonishing – and very disappointing – statistic relating to elite level marathon runners: Thirty-six Kenyans have been confirmed as failing [performance enhancing drug] tests in the past two years. And probably the saddest thing is that I’m not at all surprised. The reasons why doping is almost certainly endemic in the [...]

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The cult of Bill

The cult of Bill

A few years ago I met a man, called Bill. And he talked to me about the art, not the science of running. He told me about running by feel, about dedication, about consistency. He talked about being competitive but also humble. About running with others but also enjoying the solitude of running alone. He [...]

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Always a runner? Then dress like one!

My friend Nick Anderson used to explain that as a coach he is interested in the runner 24 hours a day, not just the hour or three that he or she is actually running each day. Let’s face it, it is relatively easy to ‘be a runner’ when you are actually running. But the other [...]

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

I think that it’s a rather outdated management saying – that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, or something like that. And I am going to clumsily apply it to an experience I had recently at Premier Podiatry I have known Ken Hoye for quite a few years now and a while ago he [...]

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I can’t, but you should…

As the co-founder of freestak: the endurance sports agency, I get to work on some absolutely fantastic events. In fact one of the principles that we stick to at freestak is that we only work on projects and products that we personally believe in. The downside of this is that I disqualify myself from entering [...]

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