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The London marathon: finishers, fans and their stories

What is the London marathon, really? Is it a test of physical preparedness? Or a chance for people to show that they are mentally tough enough to deal with the training required to run 26.2 miles? Maybe it is a great way to honour a relative that has passed away and perhaps raise some money [...]

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Two’s company, three’s a crowd and more is better…

I have certainly written before that I think that training with other people – whether that is one training partner or as a group – is really crucial for me. I can’t imagine how many times I have finished a training session with one or more other people and said “there is no way I [...]

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Gone to seed or laying fallow?

I was recently talking to my friend and fellow Chaser, Tom Craggs, a coach and personal trainer who is quickly developing a reputation as one of the top running coaches in the UK. Tom and I ran the Berlin marathon together, literally in stride, back when a sub-3 hour marathon was something that I dreamed [...]

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The death and rebirth of the London Marathon Store

The death and rebirth of the London Marathon Store

My passion for running is like a Russian doll. Let me explain: In general, I love running. Within that I am really passionate about endurance running. Moreover my real passion is for road running and within that, my particular predilection is for road marathons. At the very heart of this multi-layered structure, however, lies the [...]

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Nike Free 5.0+ review

Nike Free 5.0+ review

The people at Nike recently sent me a pair of the new Nike Free 5.0+ to review. Having always had Nike Frees in my ‘collection’ of shoes, I was interested in trying them. But I must admit that I have bought Nike Frees in the past as a shoe for walking around town, rather than [...]

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Virgin London Marathon 2014 entry opens… and slams the door on some GFA runners

After the excitement and razzamatazz of the London marathon, there follows a somewhat unsightly scramble for places the following year. There is a ballot system in place which is capped at 125,000 entries. Once this is reached the ballot entry closes – and that usually takes a few hours to fill up – and then [...]

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My review of the 2013 Virgin London Marathon – a case of risk and reward

Going right back to when – and why – I started running in the first place, control was a big issue. I had lost control of my life, with my health, wealth and happiness all seemingly being managed by a greater and more malevolent force than I could muster. So I ran. I ran around [...]

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The Simple (Simon) Guide to Racing a Marathon – Part four: Psychology

The final post in this mini-series is all about the head. Race day can be stressful and whilst I think that a degree of nerves can be a good thing, I want to keep it under control. And control is what I focus on. Control the things you can and don’t worry about the rest. [...]

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The Simple (Simon) Guide to Racing a Marathon – Part three: Fuel

Eat As with hydration, I think that during the race, the best you can hope for is to top up your fuel stores as best you can. The body can absorb 90grms of carbohydrate per hour which equates to about 360 kcal. In general running is considered to require about 500 kcal per hour. However [...]

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The Simple (Simon) Guide to Racing a Marathon – Part two: Hydration

Drink I don’t think it is possible to race a marathon (I use the word ‘race’ as against ‘run’ or ‘complete’ because ‘race’ to me means pushing as close to your limits as you can) without getting dehydrated. As with so many things relating to a marathon, the key here is making sure you get [...]

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