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Two’s company, three’s a crowd and more is better…

I have certainly written before that I think that training with other people – whether that is one training partner or as a group – is really crucial for me. I can’t imagine how many times I have finished a training session with one or more other people and said “there is no way I [...]

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When road meets trail – the intersections of two running tribes

Snowboarders vs. skiers… Twenty20 vs. 5 day test matches… road cyclists vs. mountain bikers… ping-pong vs. table tennis

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Hot dang! An ashmei merino wool product review

Hot dang! An ashmei merino wool product review

Disclaimer – please read this: I want to make it really clear from the very start that as the co-owner of freestak, I work for ashmei supplying social media marketing services. Stuart, the owner of ashmei, was very generous and sent me some ashmei kit to try out and run in. However this blog is [...]

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Copenhagen marathon 2013: my race review

As you may or may not know, my big target race this spring was the Virgin London Marathon on 21 April. In case you missed it, here is my race report. And after nailing my target I had the opportunity to then go to the Copenhagen marathon with the RunDemCrew and my friend Charlie Dark, [...]

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Stand and deliver… why standing all day and running go together

Stand and deliver… why standing all day and running go together

As many of you will know, at the end of last year my wife, Julie, and I launched freestak, a social media marketing business for running and endurance sports brands. In many ways this has been a life-changing experience: I am working many, many more hours than I ever have before. I am also loving [...]

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Nike Free 5.0+ review

Nike Free 5.0+ review

The people at Nike recently sent me a pair of the new Nike Free 5.0+ to review. Having always had Nike Frees in my ‘collection’ of shoes, I was interested in trying them. But I must admit that I have bought Nike Frees in the past as a shoe for walking around town, rather than [...]

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How to get your preparation on track

How to get your preparation on track

For many runners, training on a track is something other runners – more talented, more dedicated, more serious runners – do. There is a perception that training on the track is for the elite or for athletes training for track distances. But that should not be the case. We have a few athletics tracks still [...]

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Three is the magic number – interviewing Kipsang, Mutai and Makau at the 2013 London marathon

It seems as though every year, the organisers of the London marathon bring together “the greatest field ever assembled” for their race – London is one of the six major marathons and is an iconic race on the bucket list of runners from the very elite all the way to the back of the pack. [...]

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The Simple (Simon) Guide to Racing a Marathon – Part one: Timing

It was my birthday a while ago and my aunt sent me one of those gently amusing cards that cause very little offence or mirth. Here it is… But it got me thinking about how all too often, achieving a goal can become a daunting exercise over over-whelming complexity. I know it was for my [...]

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From Abrahams, Harold to Zatopek, Emil – the A-Z of runners

Those of you who have been enduring, erm, I mean reading, this blog for a while, might recall a couple of A-Z posts where I have asked you, dear friends, to help me compile the ultimate list of firstly running brands and then runners health. Well now there is a new A-Z for us to [...]

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