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Nike Free 5.0+ review

Nike Free 5.0+ review

The people at Nike recently sent me a pair of the new Nike Free 5.0+ to review. Having always had Nike Frees in my ‘collection’ of shoes, I was interested in trying them. But I must admit that I have bought Nike Frees in the past as a shoe for walking around town, rather than [...]

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How to get your preparation on track

How to get your preparation on track

For many runners, training on a track is something other runners – more talented, more dedicated, more serious runners – do. There is a perception that training on the track is for the elite or for athletes training for track distances. But that should not be the case. We have a few athletics tracks still [...]

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Three is the magic number – interviewing Kipsang, Mutai and Makau at the 2013 London marathon

It seems as though every year, the organisers of the London marathon bring together “the greatest field ever assembled” for their race – London is one of the six major marathons and is an iconic race on the bucket list of runners from the very elite all the way to the back of the pack. [...]

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The Simple (Simon) Guide to Racing a Marathon – Part one: Timing

It was my birthday a while ago and my aunt sent me one of those gently amusing cards that cause very little offence or mirth. Here it is… But it got me thinking about how all too often, achieving a goal can become a daunting exercise over over-whelming complexity. I know it was for my [...]

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From Abrahams, Harold to Zatopek, Emil – the A-Z of runners

Those of you who have been enduring, erm, I mean reading, this blog for a while, might recall a couple of A-Z posts where I have asked you, dear friends, to help me compile the ultimate list of firstly running brands and then runners health. Well now there is a new A-Z for us to [...]

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The truth about being the best runner I can be

As some readers of this blog will be aware, I recently managed to make the leap from my passion for all things running, into the way that I make my living: my wife and I have set up a social media and marketing business for running and endurance sports brands. The business is called freestak [...]

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Hard to start, harder to stop

It is that time in my training cycle when getting out for a run feels like quite a big effort… But once I am out, running feels like the most wonderful, natural, life-affirming thing in the world and I really, really don’t want to stop. Like this morning – an hour before breakfast as the [...]

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Motivation for the Nation

  It might be the weather. Or the fact that marathon training is starting to take it’s toll. It could be an avalanche of work. Or maybe niggles are starting to creep in. Whatever the reason, there are times when it simply feels like too much effort to go for a run. So what do [...]

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The storm is coming

Think back if you will, to the point before your marathon preparation cycle started. Let’s take November last year for example. Whether or not you raced last autumn, it is highly likely that last November you were not training for anything specific. Wasn’t that a lovely time? Blissful in fact. You were running, sure, but [...]

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adidas Energy Boost sneak peek

As I have mentioned on this ‘ere blog before, when it comes to footwear – and especially racing footwear – I am a big fan of adidas products and I have really enjoyed wearing the Adios AdiZero and the AdiZero Feather 2 for many of my races. The Adios AdiZeros were on my feet when [...]

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