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Usain Bolt wins

5 August 2012 9:41pm – a moment of inspiration

                      Last night Usain St. Leo Bolt took a huge step to writing his name into the history books as a legend of sprinting by winning the 100m final at the London Olympic Games. And in doing so he has ensured that Basil Ince, author [...]

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The power of strength

When I met my coach, Nick from RunningWithUs, he changed a few things in my life and my training – well, you’d expect him to, wouldn’t you. One of them (which I admit I’m still struggling to get to grips with) is core- and, what I will call, functional-strength. Nick is a great believer in [...]

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Competing or Completing?

I spent a happy hour browsing running related videos online yesterday and one that I watched really struck a chord with me. It was the highlights of the 2010 Chicago marathon. I thought that the video was rather nicely made with sweeping panoramas of the runners and some great shots of the city. It really [...]

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Ben Wickham

Runner at the Sharp End #4: Ben Wickham

I first met Ben at the Hackney Marshes ParkRun where it became immediately obvious that we were quite evenly matched. At the time I was living in Hackney so Ben and I were neighbours and ended up running the same races a few times. I was immediately and really hugely impressed by Ben’s level of [...]

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The three E’s: engaged, enabled, and energized

I recently read an interesting post on Fast Company about how to get the most out of employees. I was fascinated by what the article called the three states that employees need to be in, in order to deliver the best possible results for their employer: engaged, enabled and energized. It made me think about [...]

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Book review – Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

It is not all that often that I wait with real anticipation for a book to be published. Even less common for me to pre-order it online and count the weeks and days until it will arrive, mainly due to the fact that I always have a pile of books next to my bed that [...]

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When less is more.

When less is more.

If you ask any of my friends or colleagues, they will probably tell you that I am fond of drawing parallels between business and running (in fact at a push I can draw a parallel between running and pretty much anything) and every so often I read something that is ostensibly business related but which [...]

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The Runners At The Sharp-end (or the RATS!)

Like any athlete at the absolute pinnacle of their sport, elite marathon runners are amazing. As a massive fan of athletics and in particular running and especially marathon running, I love reading about the greatest runners in the world – past and present – or seeing and listening to interviews with them. But I almost [...]

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Screen shot 2011-11-18 at 12.46.25

Never give up, never give in

Thanks to Marathon Talk for reminding me about this video – Steve Jones running in a 10,000m race in 1983 in Brussels. In my opinion this one of the most wonderful examples I have ever seen of pure grit, toughness and the refusal to give in. This is the sort of video that anyone can [...]

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Catherine at New York 2010

…..Now you’re in New York. Catherine Wilding’s race

Ed: in a follow-up to the piece Catherine wrote before heading off to the New York City marathon (which you can read here), she tells us about how the day unfolded and whether she attained her goals. The day of the race I was in the city that never sleeps and as I ventured out [...]

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